GO CUBES Chewable Coffee

Posted: September 13, 2015
Go Cubes Chewable Coffee

GO CUBES are what happens when real-life Willy Wonkas get their hands on coffee beans. In this case, Willy is Nootrobox, a supplements company focused on nootropics, or drugs with cognitive enhancing properties. Smart drugs. They created GO CUBES as a fast, portable, and mess-free way for coffee lovers both to get a caffeine fix and relish the flavors of morning brew.

GO CUBES pack about 4 ounces of coffee into each 1" x 1" x 1" gummy--yes, gummy!--cube. They are made with real cold-brew coffee in flavors Latte, Pure Drip, and Mocha. Admittedly, I'm not so sure about chewy, and particularly chewy gelatinous coffee, but I do like me some L'il Critters gummy vitamins and I could eat those Viactiv chocolate calcium bites all day long, so I will withhold judgment of GO CUBE taste until I after I try them.

In addition to providing a texture twist and caffeine fix, Nootrobox intends GO CUBES to supplement cognitive performance. Each CUBE includes a "full blown nootropic stack" on top of its star ingredient. This includes 100 mg of L-theanine, 125% of your DRA of Vitamin B-3, 500% B-6, 500% B-12, and 125% Folic Acid. GO CUBES contain 35 calories and 6 grams of sugar apiece. The latter, Nootrobox notes, isn't just for taste, but also for you body's most aggressive sugar whore: your brain.

Get your canines on one of the first batches of GO CUBES with an IndieGoGo pledge to fund their production. The campaign runs through mid-October 2015.

2016 Update: GO CUBES have gone from crowdfunding to Prime delivery stage - follow the link above to grab your gummy jolts from Amazon.

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