FunkO's - Funko Pop Toy Cereal

Posted: July 06, 2018
FunkO's - Funko Pop Toy Cereal

FunkO's, an obviously-named line of breakfast cereals from the Funko Pop Toy creator, will hit shelves this July. The colorful and surely-sugar-packed O's will begin as a 6-character series, each sporting its Funko Pop namesake on the box, and including the same Funko Pop collectible inside.

FunkO's will spread out their debut, with cereals available exclusively at certain Funko retailers - none of which are grocery stores. O's mascots will consist of: Mega Man FunkOís (GameStop); Cuphead & Mugman FunkOís (Hot Topic); Freddy FunkOís (Funko website); Nightmare On Elm Streetís Freddy Krueger FunkOís and Friday the 13thís Jason FunkOís (FYE); The Lord of the Rings FunkOís featuring Gollum (BoxLunch.)

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