Dry Brew Coffee Chews

Posted: May 15, 2017
Dry Brew Coffee Chews
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Dry Brew Coffee Chews are for those of us who can't tear ourselves away from the computer--or the Xbox--long enough to get our 3:00 cups o' pick-me-up. And those, such as runners and bikers, who don't have the space or means to enjoy dark roast in its liquid form. Each Coffee Chew condenses an entire 6-ounce cup of joe into a tiny, twist-wrapped treat.

Dry Brew reports that it holds the patent for "Flavorful Waterless Coffee," a process that extracts the natural caffeine and bold flavor from the wet stuff, while leaving the wetness behind. In addition to real coffee, the Chews incorporate non-dairy creamer and a zero-calorie sweetener; each piece has about 35 calories complementing its 65mg of caffeine.

Dry Brew Coffee Chews are sold in packs of 15.

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