Death Star Lollipops

Posted: February 18, 2013
  • Death Star Lollipops
  • Death Star Lollipops
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Death Star Lollipops. An excellent concept. And might I suggest throwing some Pop Rocks in there too during a suck session so they actually explode in your mouth.

On a par of clever equal to Star Wars chocolate Vaders and Millennium Falcons, but far less likely to melt in the sun (though slightly more likely to become inextricably entangled in girls' hair, requiring an unwelcome haircut, and severely damaging the odds of a second date--take it from me, don't lick Death Stars during makeout sessions) the DS-1 Orbital Battle Station lollipops enter existence at the hand of Galactic artiste Priscilla, who also designed and crafted their molds. She notes that completing each 6-pack of evil and destruction takes around 2 hours.

Yes, that's right: evil and destruction. Because if you think candied Death Stars are a safer choice than the real thing, don't let their edible designation fool you--high fructose corn syrup is just as dangerous as energy beams. Completing the chain reaction of spontaneous hyperactivity followed as suddenly by an acute desire for a nap are Isomalt and sugar. Lollipops are marshmallow flavored.

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