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By: on January 30, 2014
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My ad campaign for this product would be Paleo Wraps: they definitely taste way better than paper. To say the coconut carb substitutes are delicious, or even good, is tough though. They're not bad. And they're not tasteless. It's just...look who their competition is. Bread. Magnificent, doughy, yeasty bread. And wraps. And corn tortillas. Items that have been the cornerstone of the Sandwich and Things Like Sandwiches market for centuries. The grain-free, 70-calorie, healthy-fats, unprocessed mantra of coconut wraps sounds great and all, but it doesn't change the fact that you're eating a BLT on shaved and dehydrated leaf of tropical fruit.

What Paleo Wraps taste like is exactly like coconut. They also smell like coconut. I like coconut, so this is fine with me. If you don't like coconut or fear its flavor will conflict with what you're stuffing the wrap with, I'd suggest pairing it with strong flavors--tuna, bacon, curry--to pretty much avoid tasting the coconut altogether. Texturally, the wraps are...you know what it feels like if you have a Band-Aid on your finger and you for some reason put your finger in your mouth? That's sort of what a coconut wrap feels like on my tongue. I don't mind. I've eaten worse things than a Band-Aid.

Paleo Wrap creator Julian Bakery says their coconut bread fakes are ideal for any Paleo Diet plan and durable enough for the likes of spring rolls, egg rolls, and tacos (the bakery also says the wraps fry and heat to a crisp). In my opinion, they would make OK quesadillas, better than OK peanut butter & banana roll-ups, and excellent ice cream burritos stuffed with Oreos, Reese's Pieces, hot fudge, and whipped cream. Though I recognize the latter sort of defeats the coconut wrap purpose, so I'll probably just put all of that stuff on a waffle and call it an ice cream tostada instead.

Paleo Wrap Ingredients: Organic Coconut Meat and Organic Coconut Water.

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