BubbleLick Edible Boozy Bubbles

Posted: July 20, 2016
BubbleLick Edible Boozy Bubbles
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If I had a kid, BubbleLick-ing would be my father-son bonding activity of choice: he blows, I consume. It might be the only game you'll ever play as a parent that actually gets more fun the longer it drags on.

Of course, in the interest of full disclosure, I'll note that BubbleLick edible bubbles do not have to be spiked with rum, tequila, or champagne. These party tricks are DIY from a safe, nontoxic bubble-forming base, so you get to pick your own enhancement. And, yes, you can go with OJ or Gatorade. If you must.

BubbleLick packs include 6 bottles of bubble base and instructions for flavoring them, which really just entails opening the lid and filling the bottle up to the red line with your liquid of choice. They're the perfect addition to all parties and celebrations. Especially boring ones. Mmmm, Happy Bacardi Birthday! Merry Cognac Christmas! Joyous Triple Sec Thursday!

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