Bacons of the World Sampler

By: on December 05, 2013

I would call Belcampo's Bacons of the World quarterly sampler pork crack, but in this case, I think it would allude to an entirely different--yet still likely very tasty--part of the pig, rather than the addictive, euphoria-inducing belly, cheek, and loin slabs actually included in the shipments. Nonetheless, holiday shoppers should prepare to have loved ones go giddy and glassy-eyed, and possibly hug the hearts right out of their chest cavities, when this Christmas they receive the gift of hog heaven.

The Bacons of the World pack arrives in 4 shipments, each containing 5 pounds of bacon split between the hearty American classic and a slab from another part of the world. Belcampo's pork hails from organic, pastured Ossabaw-Berkshire pigs the produce flavorful meat and balanced fat. Batches ship in January, April, July, and October.

With January's shipment also comes the Italian guanciale, a savory, unsmoked cut from the pig's cheek. It is described as a worthy base for cooking pasta all’amatriciana or beef stews.

In April, the hearty fry bacon will be accompanied by English bacon, also known as "back bacon". It is butchered from the pig's loin, with the belly attached, so that each slice of bacon also doubles as a pork chop. Uh, that sounds like a bacon-chop fusion. Bacon-chop conjoined twins. In other words, that sounds delicious.

When the stifling heat of July hits, you'll be able to cool down...or at least sweat pork...with your third shipment of America's meat of the gods, plus some Italian pancetta, an unsmoked, rich hunk of bacon that enjoys show-stealing guest appearances in pastas and roasts. Finally, as October's leaves flit to the ground in piles of brittle deadness, your cap-off pile of scrumptious deadness will arrive, this time with a holiday bacon, coffee-rubbed for an extra smoky, earthy punch.

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The Culinary Bro-Down Cookbook

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Mac 'n' Cheese Nachos, Loaded Avocado Fries, dude. It's time to bro-down. The Culinary Bro-Down Cookbook, despite incorporating a word most men do not want to be associated with, has a respectable goal, one most of us...

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Bacon Condoms

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Bill Gates, you put out an open call. You asked for the "next generation" in condoms. A design that will revolutionize safe sex practices by making the peen sheaths more desirable to wear. Men and birth control in third...

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Bacon Express Crispy Bacon Grill

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Whole wheat in the toaster, bacon in the...other toaster, a yank of the iceberg, a slice of the tomato, and mmmm. BLTeee-licious. Without turning on the stove or getting popped in the eye with a grease BB....

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Tactical Bacon

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I don't really like to shoot to kill--less due to the ethics of felling a majestic beast than the fact that blood and rigor mortis make me squeamish--but I think if given the choice between taking down a deer or taking...

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Bacon Flavored Lube

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When we, collectively as Americans, stumble onto something that catches on with the unintelligent majority, we immediately begin the process of running it into the ground. See: The Kardashians, Myspace and... bacon flavored...

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Bacon Chocolate Covered Oreos & Twinkies

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Oreos and Twinkies topped with bacon and then dipped in chocolate. This is what I would call the Trick-or-Treating Mother Lode. At least before wackjobs started putting needles and poison into their homemade treats for...

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Fifty Shades of Bacon Cookbook

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The definitive building block of food porn now has its own erotic cookbook. Fifty Shades of Bacon, about damn time. Right, ladies? 'Cause I know once you satiate your carnally voyeuristic instincts reading Fifty Shades...

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Bacon Soda

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At this point, the bacon craze has reached a state of lunacy that renders bacon soda somewhat expected. Pedestrian, even. Still, there are smoky, greasy meat flavors, and then there are CARBONATED smoky, greasy meat flavors....

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Bacon Scent-Emitting Alarm

"The essence of Oscar Mayer bacon will strum at your nostril strings like no other." While the Oscar Mayer brand has never been my first choice at the pork candy store, it will definitely be my first choice at the scent-emitting...

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Fou Lard Bacon Scarf

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100% silk Crepe de Chine for the fingers, 100% thin-sliced Mangalitsa pork belly for the eyes. Natalie Luder's Fou Lard is a bacon scarf through and through. "Foulard" is the French word for "silk scarf" and "fou" alone...

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Skillet Bacon Jam

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Know what sucks about a bacon cheeseburger? OK, besides nothing. What sucks is when you sink your teeth into its crispy-juicy tag team of flesh, and the bacon doesn't break cleanly. When an entire, mayonnaise-laden strip...

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Power Bacon Deodorant

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Everyone knows that pigs don't sweat. But if they did, they would smell like Power Bacon. And now too so can you. Just be sure to apply the deodorant with caution. Because while obviously nothing attracts the favor of...