Bacon Frosting

Posted: January 25, 2012
  • Bacon Frosting
  • Bacon Frosting
  • Bacon Frosting
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It's been two weeks since we last spotlighted a historically unlikely, but--given the current state of global madness--now entirely predictable food staple flavored with bacon. Bust out the red velvet sponge and cream cheese coating, 'cause bacon frosting is here to pipe smoke-infused roses, grill-lathered lattice work, and eau de pork "Happy Birthdays" across your celebratory sugar canvas. Brick red in color and greasymeateriffic in flavor, yet still loaded with enough sugar to turbocharge your pursuit of Bouncy House domination. Use Bacon Frosting to decorate sweets, dress sandwiches and French toast, and spruce up dressings. Or be a real hog and squirt it straight from tube to tongue.

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