Miss Jones Baking Co. SmartSugar

Posted: June 04, 2020
Miss Jones Baking Co. SmartSugar
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SmartSugar (doodoodoo! doo-doo-doo) / Ah, Miss Jones, honey (doodoodoo! doo-doo-doo) / You are my baking girl / And you've got me munching you!

Miss Jones Baking Co. SmartSugar, available in cane and coconut / brown sugar blend varieties, is a paleo-friendly sugar replacement made with plant-based ingredients. It's not sugarless, but does contain 50% less sugar than sugar sugar, and therefore is a slightly healthier choice for both your candy girl, and your candy, girl.

Miss Jones Baking Co. SmartSugar also matches the white granules cup-for-cup, thanks to voluminous ingredients such as chicory root fiber, tapioca, and monk fruit extract bulking up its real sugar base. SmartSugar contains no maltodextrin, erythritol, artificial flavoring, or sweeteners.

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