The Red Cup Drink Koozie

Posted: February 03, 2012
Red Cup Drink Koozie
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Red Solo cup, I fill you up. And am way less likely to drop you in someone's lap now that you are made of foam instead of cheap plastic that accrues grip-compromising condensation like Lindsay Lohan accrues pardons for criminal behavior from the State of California. But please don't tell me Toby Keith came up with, or is in any way making money off of, this incarnation of you too. I want to support your genius, but if doing so means supporting the inanity of country music too.... Hey, WTF? There are no reviews of the Red Cup Koozie on Amazon yet! Could someone please change that? Come on, you don't even really need to own one to write a review. It's obviously the Eureka! idea of the 21st century, and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed, so why not make your mark? Scribble a few lines and get the convo flowing? If it helps, down a few warm Bud Lights first to remind yourself why you need an insulating bodysuit for your beer in the first place.

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