The Best Shots You've Never Tried

Posted: October 02, 2012
The Best Shots You've Never Tried
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Shots. In addition to proving (or destroying) your manhood, they are also the best way to clear out random bottles of crème de cacao, orange bitters, and Lillet Blanc from the back of your liquor cabinet. Seattle mixologist Andrew Bohrer's The Best Shots You've Never Tried throws down a gauntlet of exotic, themed, and Uh, what? alcohol-laden recipes sure to thrill and boggle even the most versed connoisseurs of the shooter.

How about a little boozed-up Indian custard? Mix rum, simple syrup, and--wait for it--yogurt for a buzz that smacks of Mango Lassi. Have you jumped all over the salted caramel ice cream trend? Then you might like a less frosty version of the seasoned sweetness during winter months. Bourbon, heavy cream, butterscotch liqueur, and Kosher's best will Salted Caramel you right up. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo, or your loyalty to Mexican libations, with the Cinco de Ignacio, a spectral stunner of mezcal, lager, lime juice, orange bitters, and salt. Or broadcast your Futurama nerdism with a shot of Striped Biologist Taunter, chilled crème de cacao, Chambord, apricot eau de vie, and violet liqueur. Wow, my biology feels taunted, and alerted to a potential night wrapped around the toilet, just reading those ingredients.

In full, glossy, brilliant color, The Best Shots You've Never Tried imparts more than 100 recipes for 1 1/2 ounces of pure, bacchanlian revelry. All recipes include brief backstories and descriptions, a mixture of standard and strange booze and other ingredients, simple instructions, and eye-catching photos of the finished masterpiece.

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