STACKED Wine By the Glass

Posted: May 14, 2012
STACKED Wine By the Glass

Stacked pre-filled wine glasses not only enable wine consumption anytime, anywhere, they pretty much eliminate any excuse one may have had not to. Sophisticated oenophiles and thirsty winos alike will delight in the pop! of 6.4 ounces of Merlot, Chardonnay, or Pinot Grigio breaking off from the 4-glass tower, pre-measured and ready to sip sans bottle, corkscrew, or stemware.

Stacked stemless glasses, termed Vinoware, are made from a shatterproof, lightweight plastic that, in addition to being disposable, also protects the wine from oxidation and spoilage. They retain the look and feel of wine's traditional drinking vessel, while keeping it as fresh as its standard storage vessel. Stacked wine transports easily for picnics, BBQs, tailgates, concerts, festivals, camping trips...anywhere a 750 mL glass bottle would be an unwelcome addition to the bag whomever drew the short straw is going to have to carry around all day. Stacked also squashes the excuse of not having a little grape-infused unwinder at home after work because it's not worth it to open a whole bottle of wine for just one glass.

The two white and one red varietals are available for online purchase from Stacked in California, and from WineCloudInc. in about 27 other states. And the folks at Stacked promise that not only have they conceived a brilliant idea for another wine world gimmick, but they've also managed to make some wines that taste pretty good to go with it.

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