Shower Beer

Posted: December 30, 2016
Shower Beer

Shower Beer sounds like a bottle of ale-scented novelty soap. Which would be cool. But what Shower Beer really is is even better: a 6-ounce bottle of actual pale ale conceived and packaged to be downed in 3 perfect gulps in the shower. Like, when you're hosing down and sprucing up at night, prepping for the many glorious hours of partying to come, and want some suds in your belly to complement those running down it. A splash of prefunk before your splash of aftershave.

Shower Beer is the anticipatory cherry on top of your goals to make this an epic night you'll never forget.

The little bottle of brew was developed as a collaboration between Swedish creative branding and design agency Snask and their favorite local brewery, PangPang. They describe Shower Beer flavor as "sweet but strong," and indeed, despite containing just a few swigs, you should feel that wave of relaxation and all's-good-in-the-world-ness wash over you after drinking it thanks to its moderately high 10% ABV.

Snask originally released Shower Beer as a single batch in December 2016. They say the second is currently in the brewery tanks and invite anyone interested in drinking or selling it to get in touch using their website's contact info.

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