Ole Smoky Moonshine

By: on September 03, 2012

The Ole Smoky Moonshine family has honed the art of whiskey makin' since the early days of Smoky Mountain settlement. Distilling was a way to survive during hard times, both in terms of economics and, we presume, morale. After Tennessee's recent easing of distillery laws, the Ole Smoky Moonshine boys started back up right where they left off. Today 200 years of experience passed down through generations marks the first federally licensed distillery in East Tennessee, and a committed family-run operation.

Ole Smoky Moonshine comes in 6 standard and a handful of seasonal flavors. Regular offerings include:

  • Original, a sippin' moonshine made from 80% corn and 20% hush-hush ingredients.
  • White Lightnin', a moonshine mixer distilled to replace vodka, gin, or tequila in cocktails. Made from 100% grain neutral spirits, and distilled 6 times for smoothness.
  • Moonshine Cherries, an Appalachian party tradition filled with maraschinos soaking in 100 proof moonshine.
  • Apple Pie, the icon of Americana, intertwined with pure apple juice and cinnamon, and distilled to a 40 proof downable treat. Drink cold or hot.
  • Peach Lightnin', another 40 proof easy drinker.
  • Blackberry, the 40-proof moonshine of front porches and late summer BBQs.

Ole Smoky Moonshine's Original and Apple Pie flavors are available for purchase through Amazon. The distillery also has distribution agreements with most US states. When party and gift-giving time roll around and you want to purchase a mason jar o' moonshine cherries or Peach Lightnin', have your local liquor purveyor contact your state's listed distributor to place the order.

And should you find yourself in Gatlinburg, TN, Ole Smoky Moonshine distillery tours, capped off with free tastes, run daily. The distillery is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., but visitors should note that Tennessee State laws prohibit the sale of alcohol on Sundays and certain holidays.

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