Liquor Bottle Lock

Posted: June 13, 2012
Liquor Bottle Lock

All those times I bring a bottle of vodka to work for lunch and some d-bag from HR sneaks into the freezer and takes a few swigs like I'm not going to notice? Gone. And, at $15.99, the Liquor Lock is way cheaper than nailing him with a security camera or emotionally scarring booby trap. I suppose the lock's simple, 4-digit combination is also an effective way to dissuade top-shelf pilfering teenagers (hey, I don't care if you guys drink, it's just not gonna be on my dime) and that one parasitic housemate everyone denies having invited to move in. The liquor lock fits standard sized booze spouts, measuring 10/16" wide when relaxed, and 1" when swelled.

Anyone who feels as strongly about protecting their ice cream as they do about securing their alcohol, check out the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Lock.

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