F**king Hell Beer

Posted: June 21, 2014
F**king Hell Beer
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Any a-hole can name his beer F**king Hell and profit from the scandalous use of profanity, right? But how many of those a-holes can also stake legitimate and logical claims on the words' application?

Just a few.

And they all live in a small Austrian village called Fucking.

As for the Hell portion of the brew's name, no, it's not an insinuation that living in Fucking is akin to shacking up with Satan. "Hell" is also a term passed around in Southern Germany and Austria meaning "pale beer." See, Fucking Hell. What the fucking hell else would you call it?

Vendor Firebox continues this awesome tale of two obscenities explaining that at first the local Fucking authorities and European Trademark Office tried to stifle the FH brewery's beer branding. However, after swallowing a lot of Hell during the banning effort, they eventually backed (stumbled) off and agreed to let the bottles keep their name.

Fucking Hell has a mild and tangy flavor, a 4.9% ABV, and hopefully tastes nothing like it sounds.

Fucking Hell beer is a top Dude Novelty Gift pick.

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