Collapsible Shot Glass Key Ring

Posted: June 24, 2012
Collapsible Shot Glass Key Ring
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Collapsible shot glass on a key ring. I think my grandma had one of these. She used to put water from the drinking fountain in it for me when I was still too short to reach the spout. No wonder I've always found the scent of tequila to be pleasantly familiar and comforting as an adult. And why I always think of crocheted afghans when I drink it. This stainless steel telescopic shot class grows and collapses easily via a series of concentric rings. When expanded, the rings snap snugly into place to ensure the glass remains leakproof when filled with Stroh or Barenjager by random drunk guys and old men dressed as pirates during house parties or summer festivals. Add the vessel to a keychain for use during both residential and commercial clean glassware shortages, or attach it to belt loops to have on hand during camping trips and outdoor concerts.

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