Beer Flavor Infuser

Posted: April 21, 2012

In 2010, Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales debuted a large format beer infuser, called Randall in honor of every fifth redneck you meet, to great acclaim. It allows beer maestros to pimp out their brews with pretty much any flavor they can fathom rendering hops and yeast even more delectable than they already are. Raspberry, coconut, coffee, chocolate, bacon, smoked oysters...in mere minutes, the tastes we hold closest to our hearts can become the tastes we hold inside our pint glasses.

The problem with Big Daddy Randall, however, is that he's kind of big daddy sized. And expensive. So a couple of years later, the resourceful brewmasters at Dogfish extracted a vial of Daddy's special sauce, and went back to the lab for a little Eureka! session. Not long ago, they finally emerged, successful, ebullient, and with Randall Jr. in tow.

Smaller in both size and price, Randall's offspring is a handheld beer infuser that achieves the same flavor-enhancing awesomeness as his pop after a mere 10 minutes in the fridge. To use, simply place the desired ingredients in the Randall Jr., pour your favorite lager, pale ale, or stout over them, and set the timer. Then go ahead and hit the john, knowing that by the time you get out, 16 ounces of cool minty/fruity/curry goodness will be ready and awaiting your enjoyment.

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