Abashiri Blue Beer

Posted: September 18, 2014
Abashiri Blue Beer
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One guess as to where Abashiri Blue Beer comes from. Hint: not Smurf Village, and not outer space. Which leaves only one other logical choice, right? Yep: Japan.

If an American brewery wanted to turn some beer blue, what would they do? Get some blue chemicals. Food coloring. Ballpoint pens. A generous helping of Heisenberg especiale. But the Japanese, and Abashiri in particular, eschew shortcuts and meth here by cooking their brew to a perfectly aquamarine hue using only naturally occurring substances and processes. A combination of blue seaweed, locally grown flowers, and water funneled in from melted icebergs in the Sea of Okhotsk marinade and ferment with hops to generate this unique, pristine, ouch-someone-got-frostbite-looking glass of lager.

Firebox sells Abashiri Blue Beer by the can or the 4-pack.

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