WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

By: on October 08, 2014
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The rowing machine. The erg. It's a fate worse than death. You should try it. WaterRower's Natural Rowing Machine will even look classy and simulate a true strokin'-on-the-lake feel as it slow cooks your muscles from the inside out. Mmm, 10,000 meters and you'll be perfectly medium rare for pairing with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Yeah, so rowing's not my thing, in the water or on land, but if I had to buy a piece of fitness equipment to put in my house and not use, the WaterRower would be it. It's appealing both au naturel in Ash Wood, and au naturel with its double-paddled flywheel enclosed in a water tank to replicate the smooth, quiet glides of an oar through 5 a.m. sheets of liquid glass. The rowing machine's motorless configuration prevents wear over time, plus creates a self-regulating resistance system. When you paddle faster drag increases to provide more resistance, and when you paddle slower the resistance is less intense.

For those who haven't tried a rowing machine, WaterRower points out that this "perfect aerobic pursuit" thrives on its flowing, gentle movements that catapult heart rates and work 84% of human muscle mass without taxing the joints. I'm not exaggerating when I say the work is brutal, but I'll also grant it's very effective. And some people do actually enjoy it. They find rowing as meditative and Zen as I find it tortuous and sucky.

The Natural Rowing Machine comes equipped with a Series 4 performance monitor to track workout intensity, stroke rate, heart rate, zone bar, duration, and distance. The monitor is also compatible with an optional heart rate chest strap and receiver. WaterRower solid ash and stained honey oak construction helps absorb sound and vibration. Wheels on the front end assist with moving and upright storage. Machine dimensions are 84" end-to-end x 21" tall x 22" deep, and weight is 117 pounds.

The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine is a top Dude Gift for an Athlete pick.

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