The Stationary Epicycle

By: on February 18, 2012
$9,650 - $10,795
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Monowheels, or monocycles--huge, single-track circus contraptions riders sit inside instead of on top of--have been around since the late 19th century, and were at one point proposed for use as a serious mode of transportation. As if bumping or grazing self-righteous cyclists ramming their spandexed, manorexic rear ends through rush hour traffic weren't already tempting enough.... But now, Old Faithful Hammacher Schlemmer, and French manufacturer Ciclotte, have turned clownish into cool, solved the share-the-road conundrum, made low-impact exercise interesting again, and thrown in an obscene price tag for good measure with the Stationary Epicycle.

Conceptually similar to some models of Spinning or other group fitness bikes, the Stationary Epicycle employs a flywheel and magnetic resistance to promote smooth pedaling, and simulate all outdoor terrains, from downhill to straight the F up. The Epicycle stands out, however, because its dual-satellite epicyclic transmission manifests each single pedal revolution as four flywheel rotations. That is, a rider spinning at 100 rpms is generating flywheels speeds of 400 rpms.

The sleek, slim-profiled Epicycle is 44 1/2" tall x 21 1/4" wide x 44" deep, and weighs 121 lbs. Its nifty design and slick colors almost transcend its true calling as a sweat-summoning, tortuous piece of fitness equipment. It will certainly look way cooler in your rec room than a clunky treadmill, has-been BowFlex, or life-size talking cutout of Chuck Norris barking orders and threatening to kick your ass. OK, maybe not cooler than that last one, but definitely less offensive to company.

The Epicycle's copper ring measures 36" in diameter, and is dotted with 6 magnets around its enclosure to generate a magnetic field providing 12 levels of resistance. Handlebars are carbon fiber, and adjustable, as is the padded Alcantra saddle, which has 4 settings ranging from 1/2" to 8 1/4" high. The bike's frame is steel and strong enough to carry riders weighing up to 285 pounds. Each bike also sports a touchscreen display computer that controls resistance, and gives readouts of time, rpms, and wattage. Monthly charging via an AC adapter keeps the display's batteries, and perhaps your motivation, juiced up and ready to ride.

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RYNO One Wheel Motorcycle

$5,295 from RYNO Motors »

Ever wanted to pop a perpetual wheelie? Well get ready, 'cause RYNO Motors is in production and set for the 2012 US release of two tiers of its self-balancing, single-wheeled, shit-stirring beast of a motorcycle. OK...

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Water Walker Underwater Treadmill

You know those dreams you have where you're trying to run towards or away from something, but you just...can't...make...your feet...move? It's like running through quicksand, or setting concrete, or...on an underwater...

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BionicGym - Cardio from Your Couch

$439 from BionicGym »

The BionicGym looks like Vibration Plate meets 6-pack ab pad, but creator Louise Crowe says his leg-shaking wraps and the 500 calories per hour they can burn as you Netflix it in your easy chair or FPS game it at the...

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Quiet Punch Doorway Boxing Bag

$119 - $125.99 from Quiet Punch »

Quiet Punch, a square of spring-mounted heavy bag that installs in a doorway, was designed for fighters looking to train outside the gym. But now that the punch buddy is available for pre-order, I think it might set up...

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Private Gym Penis Trainer (NSFW)

$59.99 - $99.99 from Amazon »

It's the one body part P90X neglects. But before you reach for a Viagra to long-and-strongify your johnson, the Private Gym would like its shot at ripping your penis to shr-...uh.... Maybe I'll go with a different idiomatic...

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Bas Rutten O2 Trainer

$49.95 from Amazon »

Who wants to wheeze like a fat asthmatic chasing down the ice cream man? I do! I do! Temporarily anyway. MMA master and onetime UFC Heavyweight Champion Bas Rutten developed his O2 Trainer to build strength in a part...

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SexFit Sexual Fitness Tracker (NSFW)

Bondara, a British sex toy online store and blog, plans to begin testing of its SexFit prototype in the 4th quarter of 2014. So by 2016...or maybe even February 2015 since I'm sure they'll have thousands and thousands...

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Men's Testosterone Test Kit

$59.95 from Amazon »

The men's testosterone test kit from Verisana invites you to put your saliva where your gravelly voice, your heavy lifting sessions, your extreme self confidence, your Raawwwrr! is. This at-home spit sampler requires...

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Star Wars Fitness Equipment

$64.95 - $199.95 from Onnit »

If you weren't sweating the Dark Side before, one round with Onnit's Star Wars fitness equipment, and I guarantee you'll start. From kettlebell swings to hot yoga, Russian twists to Turkish getups, Onnit is injecting...

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Uno Bolt E-Unicycle

$999 - $1,099 from Uno Bolt »

Uno, dos, tres...Bolt! You won't go 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds - or ever - on the Uno Bolt, but you will have the privilege of scooting away lickety split from the lady who caught you helping yourself to her plum tree (hey...

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Rodeo Boy Exercise Machine

The Rodeo Boy exercise machine adds some Japanese elegance, more mechanical bull aesthetics, and 6 speeds of body-rockin' power to the Rodeo Core fitness trainer we saw here a couple years ago. I'm not sure how effective...

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Motiv Ring - Fitness Tracker & Sleep Tracker

$199 from Motiv »

Say "I do" to Motiv and the ring will be your loyal fitness tracker, sleep tracker, and heart rate monitor 'til death do you part. Day and night, at home or in the gym, even in the shower and pool. Even if you gain a...