The RowBike

Posted: May 09, 2017
$1,495 - $2,995
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Before you start talkin' smack about the RowBike, I should let you know its creator, Scott Olson, also invented RollerBlades. RollerBlades. ... ... OK, now you can talk some smack about the RowBike.

Remember the ElliptiGo road-ready elliptical machine? The RowBike gives the same treatment to an ergometer, or indoor rowing machine, adding wheels and an aluminum frame / bicycle aesthetic to the classic arm pull-leg push movement of a rower. RowBikes, to their credit, market themselves as pieces of outdoor fitness equipment, rather than trying to latch onto the commuter / cruiser / personal transporter industry that's popular right now. Sure, every stroke of the "rowing power bar" will physically move you, but I don't think Olson & Co. want to convince you to ride this thing to work.

RowBikes come in 2 general forms: a 2.0 with 2 wheels, and a 4.0 with 4 wheels, the latter for older people, or those who don't want to add a balance component to the already tricky-looking act of thrusting on a bike. The company says riding one can burn up to 1,200 calories per hour, but I bet you have to be going pretty hard for that hour to get a number like that to show up on your fitness tracker. What's more reasonable is that RowBikes are able to incorporate all major muscle groups during use, and are impact-free. So unlike cycling, you get a full-body workout, and unlike running you won't suffer the stress on your hips, back, and knees.

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