The Rodeo Core Fitness Trainer

Posted: May 17, 2015

The Rodeo Core fitness trainer invites you to "Enjoy a delightful ride while whipping core muscles into shape!" Coincidentally, that was also the invitation I gave the ladies I used to meet on Tinder. No wonder they were so disappointed when we met in person. They were expecting me to bring a compact and lightweight rocker that stimulates the heart and blood vessels, plus conditions the entire abdominal wall. And all I'd show up with was my penis and half a bottle of lube.

Sit in the Rodeo Core's saddle, place your feet on its pedals, hold on to the front handle, and get ready for the ride of...well, probably not your life, but for a day's worth of exercise, it might be an OK time. Movement is forward and backward, building to sync up with the saddle's natural motion. The feel should be reminiscent of horseback riding, right down to the user's squeezed inner thighs and braced upper back and abdominal muscles to maintain control and stability.

Ladies' lady parts might find a certain benefit to regular use of the Rodeo Core too. I think Rodeo Core owner Kara puts it best when she says, "This exercise equipment is the best thing that I have EVER come across!!!!!"

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