StepRight Stability Trainer Footwear

Posted: April 21, 2018
StepRight Stability Trainer Footwear
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If you thought you didn't walk so good before, try strapping a pair of these StepRight Stability Trainers on your feet and see how much worse it can get!

Naw, StepRights aren't a cruel joke, or a means of evening out a footrace between Usain Bolt and most other humans on earth. The footwear is made for people who need to work on their stabilization, proprioception, neuromuscular control. Say, someone who's rehabbing a busted ankle or reconstructed ACL. Or people who experience frequent falls, dizziness, and vertigo.

StepRight says their Balance Trainers are best used under the supervision of a physical therapist, athletic trainer, kinesiologist, or your friend Cornelius with his phone camera on record.

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