Stamina Adjustable Height PlyoBox

Posted: September 04, 2014
Stamina Adjustable Height PlyoBox
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Whether you want to increase your explosive power or just make a couple of giant blue goose eggs appear on your shins, box jumps are for you. And Stamina's PlyoBox, a steel X-shaped bench with 4 adjustable heights, can help anyone accomplish both in no time.

Plyometrics training consists largely of short, high intensity jumping intervals. Incorporating a PlyoBox enables anyone looking to get faster and more powerful, and generally improve their ability to fight zombies, to perform a wide range of plyometrics moves at varying levels of difficulty. Jumping on and off a progressively higher platform is obviously the box's most basic application, but those up for a true ass kicking can also practice lateral jumps, eccentric forward jumps off the PlyoBox, 180-degree jump turns from one foot to the other, single leg hops with one foot on the box and the other on the floor, and...a bunch of other moves I just looked up on the internet by Googling "plyometrics exercises on box."

Stamina's easy up-down PlyoBox grows from 12" to 16" to 20" to a peak 24". It has a non-slip surface pad to ensure a safe grip when landing. Box measurements are 39" long x 21" wide, and no assembly is required.

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