SHAY Fitness Stool

By: on July 06, 2013
SHAY Fitness Stool

Although I always say that one of my favorite things to do is sit on my ass, photographic evidence here suggests that Nina Havermans' SHAY work-out stool is going to necessitate my refinement and qualification of that statement. A weeble-wobbly-looking piece of furniture for the fitness-minded, SHAY morphs from desk (or solo) seating to a balance trainer and gym toy for the hands, feet, and derriere.

Whether upright or inverted, SHAY sports an unstable shape that requires a continual physical effort to balance the body. Sometimes, as when seated, this effort is more subconscious, deriving from subtle spinal adjustments and core stabilization movements that keep the body upright. But try lifting your feet off the ground and holding position, and experience more conscious effort not to eat the floor kick in. These uses of SHAY alone are enough to improve core strength, balance, and, in turn, the ability to navigate day-to-day life without falling apart.

And once you've mastered butt-to-stool contact, turn SHAY on its side and try standing, holding a plank, or doing a pushup on it to further test and challenge structural stability.

SHAY stools are made of nubuck leather, wood, and polyurea coating. They are available, along with pricing, upon request in a slew of color combinations. Measurements are 20.5" x 11.4" x 11.4".