Pulmonica Breathe-Better Harmonica

By: on May 08, 2014
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So I finally found my cure for smoker's cough. According to the blonde lady in the Pulmonica video, this pulmonary harmonica is the first of its kind, designed to help improve breathing in people of all ages and musical ability. She says it "provides deep, resonant pulses, far into your lungs, so that they can help loosen secretions, which can then be eliminated." In other words, the Pulmonica is the pied piper for phlegm; breathe a tune and it will follow the music. For me, this news suggests after a few inhales and exhales of bluegrass-meets-Yanni-sounding cords and a wad of hocked up loogies, I'll make an easy return to tokin' out without concern of spending the rest of my life sounding like Lindsay Lohan.

Though musicians can play the Pulmonica, it has been specially tuned for pulmonary use. The breathe-better harmonica produces uncharacteristically deep and resonant sounds that pulsate the user's lungs, helping to shake off the nastiness congealed to them. Achieving this effect requires no prior experience or training with a harmonica, just around 5 minutes of Pulmonica use twice a day. Changes should be noticeable within 2 weeks.

Stated benefits include relief from sinus and chest congestion, stress, allergies, fatigue, COPD, asthma, and cystic fibrosis, plus assistance with wound healing, smoking cessation, high blood pressure, and weight loss. The research backing Pulmonica's claims stems largely from some cultures' centuries-old technique of using sustained belly breathing to corral more air into the lungs and bring more oxygen to the body and mind. Since most people are chest-breathers, they need sustained practice...and to expedite the process, a pimped out harmonica...to make the belly shift.

The Pulmonica elicits the belly-breathing change and aims to make practice enjoyable with resonant notes and chords, harmonious sounds, and gentle low frequencies suckers and blowers can feel in their lungs and sinuses. Musicians can geek out on Pulmonica specifics of: tuned to LLG; uses circular tuning; and produces the complete diatonic chord scale (G, Am, Bm, C, D, Em, F#dim) for over two octaves. The four-hole chords add the major 7th.

All Pulmonica packages include instructions for use, a carrying case, a cleaning cloth, care recommendations, and a chart for recording progress for a year.

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