Paratrooper Tactical Mountain Bike

Posted: April 04, 2013

Montague collaborated with DARPA to develop its Paratrooper, a high-speed, all-terrain tactical mountain bike that folds at the turn of a lever into a 3' x 3' pack in less than 30 seconds. Obviously, it was specked for military use. Specifically, the 24-speed aluminum-framed brute can be dropped from a plane, strapped to the side of an LAV, or tossed in a trunk when not in use, and slosh through water, over rubble, and down stairs as soon as the rider decides it's time to hit go. For proof, take a look at the video of paratroopers jumping with Paratroopers harnessed to their chests, and stills of military men using them as personal transport.

Paratroopers have since crossed over from armed forces exclusivity, with Montague's civilian version of the foldable bike available and suitable for both commuter use and side of mountain pursuits.

Muchas danke to HiConsumption.

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