Long Piropiro Lung Exercise Tool

Posted: April 15, 2015
Long Piropiro Lung Exercise Tool

Hey it's a kazoo or a, uh, unraveling blowy thing the kiddos and incredibly irritating adults blow into to unravel at birthdays and New Year's. But this blow thing has taken on a new disguise: from party supply to exercise tool. The Long Piropiro Lung Exercise Tool seeks to expand its users' lung capacity as they blow, baby, blow the spiraled spool of paper that stretches up to--get this--3.3 feet! when you blow into it.

According to vendor Japan Trend Shop, "If you are hard of breath or feel the cold easily, strengthen your physique at home just by blowing on this tool ten times a day." Piropiro even has markings along its roller so you know exactly how much you blow.

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