Journey Gym in a Briefcase

Posted: November 13, 2014
Journey Gym in a Briefcase
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Getting a Journey Gym isn't quite as good as getting a briefcase full of unmarked hundred dollar bills, but it's better than getting a briefcase full of performance data you have to enter by hand into an Excel spreadsheet. Or, say, a briefcase full of photos showing your girlfriend boning her personal trainer because you've put on 15 pounds in beer weight just since football season started.

The Journey Gym is a portable fitness buddy stuffed with all the cardio and strength-building equipment one needs to get an arm-pumping, gut-cutting, ass-blasting workout from anywhere. Contents including resistance bands and the unfolded case itself as a platform are ideal for circuit and high-intensity interval training, formats designed specifically to push users' limits in 5 to 20 minutes per day.

Journey Gyms hold 30 resistance bands, 5 for each side of the platform, plus 10 more to swap out. Bands attach to adjustable handles and provide between 5 and 75 pounds of resistance per side. Use them to do anything from bicep curls and shoulder raises to bench presses and squats. The briefcase also contains a full set of legs that raise the platform into a high step for aerobic and plyometric moves.

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