FLYUP Fitness Multi-Tool

Posted: September 06, 2014

The FLYUP is a multi-functional piece of fitness equipment consisting of 2 rectangular chunks of plastic with padded tops, removable handles, and low-friction bottom surfaces that glide along a floor or short-weave carpet. It incorporates into dozens of traditional body weight exercises, as well as stars in many of its own, both to enhance workouts and make it easier to get a complete ass kicking in small spaces or outside the gym. Broken down and clasped together, FLYUP components easily store in a drawer or pack in a suitcase during travel.

So I got a set of FLYUPs to try out, and figured the best place to begin their rigorous testing would be the equipment's namesake move: the Flyup. It's basically a combination of a pushup and a chest fly. Lower your body by pulling your hands apart and spreading your arms wide, lift by reversing the motion. Look at the drawing. Easy.

Yeah. Easy to feel like my shoulders were going to dislocate...from my entire body...at the same time a chestburster exploded through my sternum. And that was just on the way down. I didn't even try to get back up. Needless to say, the next series of FLYUP exercises I attempted were taken from the FLYUP for Women video.

However, once I accepted the weakness of my sauce, the gliders did contribute some superior upper body and core strength moves, plus a few leg-based cardio sets, to the 38 minutes per week I don't spend seated or in bed.

With appropriate modifications, I would agree with FLYUP creator Brent Kruithof that anyone from beginners to professional athletes can use and develop the proverbial love-hate relationship with the functional trainers. At this point, he has identified around 100 different FLYUP exercises, some using the handles for leverage and wrist support, and others with the handles removed so the slide pads can be used directly on hands, feet, or knees.

The FLYUP is a top Dude Gift for an Athlete pick.

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