Elliptigo - Outdoor Elliptical Trainer

By: on November 06, 2013
$2,499 - $3,499
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If you thought the future was incubating in the frames of Google Glass and laces of Marty McFly Nikes, then behold the offspring of the gym's dorkiest piece of cardio equipment and urbanity's most aggressive sharer of the road. The ElliptiGO is a performance bike with no saddle. A Precor that can cut off Escalades. Asphalt's answer to the stand-up paddleboard.

Use the ElliptiGO 8C model's first gear to grind up a 20% grade, or shift into gear 8 and hit speeds of up to 25 mph, all without the joint impact of running, or the discomfort of a bike seat partial to cavity searches. ElliptiGO has gained popularity amongst both current and former runners. The former incorporate it into their training schedule, a way to give their structural system a recovery day without sacrificing the cardio. The latter, typically those who have suffered a temporary or chronic injury that prevents them from running, use it as a permanent substitute--a machine that can replicate feel of manpowering along the x-axis of Mother Nature, without the damaging repercussions. Unless you fall or get hit by a car. That lemon twist hasn't changed.

ElliptiGO pedals are large platforms with lipped edges that require no special footwear, which is great news for barefoot enthusiasts and people who don't like eating pavement after every failed attempt to unclip. For about the same price as a fancy road bike, a fancy 44 pounds of plastic, carbon fiber, and the pizzazz to make neon yellow spandex bespeckled with Clif Bar logos look even cooler, is all yours.

ElliptiGO also makes a higher and lower end model, the 3C and 11R respectively. The 11R was designed specifically for racing and ultra-endurance events and competitions. Yeah. I guess you can be an ElliptiGO GO Gadget triathlete or century rider. It features 11 speeds and weighs about 5 pounds less than the 8C at 39.4 pounds. The 3C is more of a cruising elliptical machine, with only 3 speeds and max 5% grade climbing capabilities.

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