Demon Bells

By: on October 19, 2011
Demon Bells
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Just in case the implications of heaving a 72-pound concentrated mass of steel back and forth near your head doesn't scare you enough, DemonBells have added the creepy faces you see in your nightmares to the mix.

Also available in 20-, 35-, and 54-pound designs, DemonBells are ergonomically designed for hand and forearm comfort during swing and snatch movements, and maintain balanced weight distribution despite their artistic modifications. Tattoo culture inspired the demonic visages, CrossFit diehards provided input that helped them take shape, and a San Diego master sculptor developed the molds. The Chinese, of course, are manufacturing them. Personalize the black powder coat finish with nail polish, or just season it with sweat and flyaway spittle during intense rounds of goblet squats and Turkish getups. From lightest to heaviest, the DemonBells are named Daisy Duker, Filament Ripper, Puke Extractor, and Bob Hope.