ARC-NRG PushUp Machine

Posted: December 27, 2016

I didn't wrap up the ARC-NRG PushUp, stick it under the tree, and and call it a Christmas "gift" for my girlfriend. I simply showed it to her a couple days later, completely innocuously, no judgment in my voice when I said, "Hey, look at this," just as she was taking a bite of leftover carrot cake and preparing to chase it with leftover cherry pie. But still she's pissed at me. And not just silent treatment pissed. Hoarding all of the Christmas leftovers pissed. Whatever. I don't want any more beef tenderloin and Flamingo Surprise Jell-O salad anyway. I'd much rather spend my evening showing the ARC-NRG PushUp machine to people who can appreciate it as an innovative idea and dynamic all-levels training tool. People who wouldn't even think to consider it hinting commentary on how many pieces of fudge they shoved in their mouth when no one else was looking on Christmas Eve. People like you.

The ARC-NRG PushUp works over 5 different muscle groups at once. Just like a regular pushup. The difference here is that perfect pushup form, complete reps, and full sets are accessible to a more diverse range of users since the machine allows you to select the precise amount of your body weight you want to use as resistance. Beginners can learn to do a pushup properly--from their toes, chin up, elbows dropped to at least 90-degrees--without frustration or injury, and then intensify the move as they get stronger. ARC-NRG resistance adjusts, incrementally and ergonomically, up to full body weight.

For those experienced with the pushup, ARC-NRG PushUp offers more intense variations on the moves that may require resistance adjustments, as well as comes with a set of ARC-NRG Sliders that for use in dozens of different exercises, both on and off the machine.

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