Thync Mood-Altering Headpiece

By: on August 10, 2015
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When asked to describe their startup, Thync, in 3 words founders Isy Goldwasser and Dr. Jamie Tyler go with "How good feels." That's a relief. Because when I look at the sliver of wearable tech stamped on that dude's temple and read that it's injecting him with neurosignaling waveforms, the 3 words that come to my mind are: "Chicken fried brains." So it's good that Thync is quick to explain how these neurosignals it administers are intended not to cook away my consciousness, but to energize or calm it. Thync endeavors to give wearers the power to change the way they feel.

Calm, centered, and relaxed. Energized, motivated, and ready to conquer the world. They might be the most sought-after states of mind, and the most difficult to generate on our own if external factors or a general feeling of anxiety/lethargy have taken over. Thync's waveform tech, called Vibes, is designed to induce states of Calm or Energy on demand. When successful they can help take the edge off, reduce stress, improve sleep, stir up motivation, boost workouts, and jump start your day.

Thync users place the module angled just over their right temple and affix it with a disposable adhesive Energy Strip. To get the Vibes going, a Thync app syncs with the module, and leads users through their choice of a Calm or Energy session. According to Thync, Vibes feel either relaxing like a massage (Calm) or invigorating like a splash of cold water on your face (Energy). Sessions can achieve desired effects in as little as 5 minutes. The company says Calm seekers "feel physically relaxed, more centered, detached from stressful thoughts, and in some cases, a mild euphoria. Energy Vibe users feel mental alertness, focused, a burst of physical energy, excited, and motivated."

Thync, released in June 2015, probably has a few months to prove itself legit or complete cranial quackery. At printing it had 13 Amazon reviews, most of them glowing, and most of them glowing with the light of having been written by friends and family, or possibly company employees themselves. TechCrunch did have some (presumably unbiased) nice things to say though. So if you dig being a guinea pig, or are so tightly wound/lazy that your moods are ruining your life, shelling out for a Thync before its official results are in might still be worth it.

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