Recon Jet Smart Eyewear for Sports & Fitness

By: on September 01, 2015
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All those fitness trackers with their fancy sensors and metrics? Their data storage, coaching, push notifications, and incoming text messages? Yeah, Recon's Jet has those. But they're not on your wrist. They're in your face.

A sort of Google Glass/HUD for athletes, Jet is a pair of Smart Glasses that records data about your activity and delivers it instantly to the space just below your right eye. Think the device looks clunky and that its display method would be completely distracting during a ride or race? Me too. But Recon claims Jet kills it in action, unobtrusively beaming info without forcing you to look down, sending cell alerts without requiring you to reach in your pocket, and even allowing you to snap a photo without mounting a GoPro to your head. Also, total weight: about 3 ounces.

Jet eyewear has a smartphone-class processor that powers its onboard GPS host of sensors, including an accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, barometer, and magnetometer. It also has a built-in instant-access point-of-view camera. How's that for a comprehensive wearable suite of services? Not to mention total hyphenation domination! If you say, "Still not enough, Dude!" then Recon counters with its glasses' connectivity options: pair them to external devices and feed your HUD even more data using ANT+, Bluetooth Smart, and Wi-Fi. When linked to your smartphone, Jet can display caller ID and SMS notifications, and access social media streams.

The Jet Smart Glasses projection displays as the equivalent of a 30" screen viewed from 7' away. Its output remains crisp and visible in all lighting conditions, and a pretty sweet feature I have no clue how Recon got to work, called Glance Detection technology, makes the glasses "wake up" when you look down, and then shut back off when you look away.

Jet runs on a rechargeable Li-on battery that clips onto the left side of the glasses (also balances their weight with the right side display). An optical control touchpad functions in all weather, as well as while wearing gloves. Lens options include 4 interchangeable pieces that have been impact-tested, and provide full UVA and UVB protections. Frames come in Black and White.

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i.Con Smart Condom Penis Tracker

British Condoms' i.Con isn't the first sexual fitness tracker to make the rounds in the UK--back in 2014 Bondara teased, but then never released the SexFit. At printing, i.Con was doing the same. Teasing your eager overachiever...

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Bas Rutten O2 Trainer

$49.95 from Amazon »

Who wants to wheeze like a fat asthmatic chasing down the ice cream man? I do! I do! Temporarily anyway. MMA master and onetime UFC Heavyweight Champion Bas Rutten developed his O2 Trainer to build strength in a part...

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SexFit Sexual Fitness Tracker (NSFW)

Bondara, a British sex toy online store and blog, plans to begin testing of its SexFit prototype in the 4th quarter of 2014. So by 2016...or maybe even February 2015 since I'm sure they'll have thousands and thousands...

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OmniBall 360-Degree Strength Trainers

$79.95 from Amazon »

OmniBalls make 'em better. Pushups. Planks. Pilates. Kegels. Well...at 4 pounds and, like, 6" in diameter each, OK. Maybe not Kegels, ladies. But incorporate the 360-degree rolling strength trainers into hundreds of other...

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The RowBike

$1,495 - $2,995 from RowBike »

Before you start talkin' smack about the RowBike, I should let you know its creator, Scott Olson, also invented RollerBlades. RollerBlades. ... ... OK, now you can talk some smack about the RowBike....

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TurnPoint Smart Motorcycle Glove

$149 - $199 from Kickstarter »

The TurnPoint Glove is a navigation wearable for motorcycle riders. It makes following GPS maps and directions easier (and safer) because you don't have to find a nonexistent windshield, dash, or air vent on your bike...

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NavoPed Self-Walking Shoes

Want to pimp out your feet Google-style*? To avoid unpleasant collisions with other pedestrians, telephone poles, and public fountains that just came up out of frikkin' nowhere? To slap on your sneakers and never look...

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DoubleFlex Black Total Body Portable Gym

$124 - $176 from OYO Fitness »

Like me, DoubleFlex Black creators, OYO Fitness, always wondered how NASA astronauts stay fit on the International Space Station. (No word on whether or not they also, like me, wondered how the astronauts vote and poop.)...

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Naked 3D Fitness Scanner

$499 from Naked »

All you metric-driven, body-conscious visual learners out there, it's time to get Naked. And anyone else intrigued by the idea of using regular 3D body scans to track health and fitness, you might want to give this full-length...

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Beoncam Removable 360 Wrist Camera

$99 - $149 from indiegogo »

Hey kids, watch the camera. And then un-watch it when you want to take a shot or record a vid with Beoncam's 360 panoramic / 190 hemispheric camera, a wearable that snaps in and out of its wrist strap, and is no bigger...

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SubPac M2 - Immersive & Tactile Audio Vest

$349 from Amazon »

Some people are born with music in their heart, rhythm in their bones. I was born tone deaf and with the dance skills of Doug and Steve Butabi head-bobbin' at the Roxbury. Maybe it's because just hearing music isn't enough...

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Draper's Strength Pullup & Lifting Bands

$6.72 - $18.81 from Amazon »

I can do 87 pullups. No joke. All I need is a bar and a strategically placed 100-pound Draper's Strength Pullup Band. And a camera that hides my body from the waist down from all witnesses....