Nayoya Back Hook Massager

Posted: June 02, 2015
Nayoya Back Hook Massager
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Foam rollers might hammer out the pains in my ass, but when it comes to kneading out the knots in my back, nothing works better than the abnormally strong hands of my girlfriend. It's one of the many reasons I call her She-Ra: Princess of Power. Sadly, her hands are not available for lengthy back massages 24 hours a day, so sometimes I have to use the second best thing I've found for loosening up my lumbar area and digging around in my shoulder blades: the Nayoya Back Hook Massager.

Nayoya is a massage tool designed for self-administered pressure massages, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy. Without spending the time and at a physical therapist's office or spa, users should be able to use the Hook Massager's 9 knobs and reach-anywhere configuration to deep treat knotted back and shoulder muscles with little effort. According to its makers, the patented Nayoya is more effective than foam rollers, shiatsu massagers, and golf/tennis balls for breaking up bodily knots without irritating them.

The Back Hook Massager measures 19" x 13" at its longest and widest points. In addition to looking like one of the curlicue designs from my grandma's old wrought iron gate, the tool's hook shape should make it simple to access and apply sufficient pressure to any knotted muscles in your body without knotting up a bunch of other muscles in the process.

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