LIT Extreme Sports Stat Tracker

By: on April 25, 2013
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Like other fitness monitors on the market, LIT can track common athletic pursuits, such as walking, running, and swimming. But it changes the game of stat hoarding and analysis with its integration of detection tools for movements unique to more extreme activities. Surfing. Skateboarding. Snow sports. BMX. Running from the po. Designed to be modular--worn like a watch, on a belt loop, stored in a pocket--the LIT apparatus houses advanced sensors that analyze and score myriad types of actions by interpreting steps, distance, duration, intensity, strokes, paddles, jumps, rotations, turns, g-force, airtime...and many more things that were not included in this list that I copied and pasted from LIT's product description.

The scoring aspect of LIT makes it particularly interesting, as the competitive cats out that can try to earn and accrue points in their sport of choice, and then use them to challenge themselves, friends, or an anticipated online LIT community. Note: Two sports I would not recommend tracking and competing in are arm wrestling matches in bars and lifting heavy things above your head. Most bars will kick you out for violating a "No feats of strength" policy, and heavy overhead lifting could give you a hernia.

Last night I learned all about hernias at a bar where I refrained from arm wrestling. Hernias occur when one's intestines burst a hole through the pocket thing that stores a man's testicles when he's born. You know, before they descend into the fresh air. Before the balls drop, as the saying goes. This puncturing of the internal lining apparently hurts like a mother and must be treated either with a mesh patch or by pushing the protruding intestines out of the hole while doing a handstand. Obviously, males have the exclusive privilege of acquiring hernias. I know, right? When I first heard that I was like, "That's bullshit! Why should this heinous affliction curse only men?" But then I remembered women have to be pregnant and give birth, which is both horrifyingly painful and maybe the grossest act the human body is capable of performing, and also I've been told (against my will) that afterwards some of them can never jump rope again without peeing their pants a little bit, so I guess if I had to choose between being a man with a hernia or a woman with a fetus I would pick the former.

LIT stats transfer via Bluetooth from the module to the user's smartphone app, with separate interfaces formatted for the 8 different categories of activity LIT will support. Session metrics include:

  • Surfing: paddles, turns, biggest air, total air, max G-force, duration.
  • Skating: biggest air, total air, max G-force, jumps, rotations, duration.
  • Snow: biggest air, total air, max G-force, jumps, max speed, total vertical.
  • Moto: biggest air, total air, max G-force, jumps, rotations, duration.
  • MTB/BMX: biggest air, total air, max G-force, jumps, max speed, distance.
  • Ski: biggest air, total air, max G-force, jumps, max speed, total vertical.
  • Run: steps, distance (EST), distance (A), pace, max speed, duration.
  • Walk: steps, distance (EST), distance (A), pace, max speed, duration.

LIT runs its Indiegogo campaign for funding through May 3, 2013.

January 2014 Update: While LIT achieved its Kickstarter funding goal, it appears its initial production run and delivery of backers' bracelets has not yet resulted in full-scale availability to the general public. Follow the link below to the NZN Labs Website for further information and updates.

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