Leather Head Handmade Football

Posted: August 09, 2012
Leather Head Handmade Football

Dude, I kid you not. It is August 9, and 2012 NFL Preseason has already begun. In fact, as your eyes skim these words, Green Bay and San Diego are in the midst of what is surely a dazzling spectacle of backup QBs boning handoffs, second-string punters scoring touchdowns on third-string lines, and oh yeah, Shannon Eastin, the first female NFL ref's inaugural foray into NFL officiating. Are you ready for some football?

To those answering in the affirmative, how about a little pigskin buddy to join you for the season? Every one of Kaufmann Mercantile's Leather Head Handmade Footballs is personally fabricated by rawhide artiste Paul Cunningham out of American-tanned skin, nylon string, and a butyl rubber bladder. Rugged and real-man in appearance, the Leather Head footballs deviate from standard issues by sporting a more functional design--one that lends itself to being thrown and caught by guys who didn't get the behemoth gene, and may not measure in at 6'5" and 240 pounds, with hands the size of a car tire. Basically, Leather Heads are perfect for tossing around in the back yard, cradling for luck during Fantasy team selection, and fake-chucking in anger at the 50" plasma, with exponentially less risk of a control breach resulting in 50" plasma destruction.

Leather Head Handmade Footballs measure 19-1/2", and weigh 14 ounces. Cunningham brings them to life in Glen Rock, New Jersey.

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