Keon V1 Runner's Key Ring

Posted: January 04, 2015
Keon V1 Runner's Key Ring

It won't give you superpowers, but it will hold your house key. So says David Tsai of his clever 3D-printed brainchild, the Keon V1. It may look like a warped Omega character, but if you're a runner this armed ring could prove to be your favorite new wearable. And you don't even have to download an app or pair it with your smartphone to use it.

The Keon V1 begins as a standard ring shape, and the deviates at the top with a couple of right angles that form simple securing mechanism for standard-holed house keys. Check out the video for a demo of how keys insert and remove. Once in place, the key closes the ring's loop, and runner's can slip them on a finger for a jog that's both pocket- and worry-free.

Tsai prints his key rings in 8 different colors and sizes 5 to 15. Sizing charts are printed on the Keon V1's checkout page.

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