Halo Sport Neurostimulation Headset

Posted: July 30, 2017

Halo Sport suggests the latest performance-enhancing drugs aren't pills or shots. They're wearables. Technology. Halo Sport designers claim the neurostimulation headset helps athletes, musicians, surgeons, and others doing movement-based training "achieve accelerated improvements in strength, skill, speed, and endurance" simply by sliding it over their ears for the first 20 minutes of a workout or practice session.

In use they say the Halo Sport headset moves the brain into a hyperplastic state, one that is especially receptive to absorbing and incorporating new information. Halo Sport focuses specifically movement learning, and better encoding training reps - be they curls, sprints, or key sequences on the piano - in the brain's motor cortex. Wearing the headset for 20 minutes at the start of a training session can generate noticeable improvements both over that time, as well as the next 60 minutes after it's removed.

If the Halo Sport works for you, you should see cumulative skill gains at an accelerated pace.

The headset package is a pretty pricey gift for an athlete or musician, but for those serious about professional training, or those who are just insanely intense and competitive, Halo Sport might be worth a second look.

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