Goji Play - Exercise Gaming Companion

Posted: January 18, 2014
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Exergaming isn't new to the scene. From as far back as the NES Power Pad for track events to modern day fitness programs on the Wii and Kinect for jumping around with digital Shaun Ts, someone is always trying to slap masks of accessibility and entertainment on working out so we'll be more inclined to dislodge our asses from our recliners to do it. Goji Play is no different. Its lofty claims may be though: as a mechanism for turning any piece of cardio equipment into a gaming machine, Goji Play says it will make 30 minutes of exercise feel like 5.

5 minutes! That's nothing. I mean, unless it's 5 minutes of box jumps or squat thrusts or something. ... Goji Play isn't 5 minutes of box jumps or squat thrusts or something, is it?


The Goji Play system's wireless game controllers attach to a piece of cardio equipment--an elliptical, treadmill, or stationary bike--and its Activity Sensor to the pocket or waistband covering that which is about to get whipped. Using an Apple phone or tablet as the medium Play users can then select from a library of free games and apps to set their minds amidst the virtual action of racing, chasing, gliding, smashing, and punching as their bodies annihilate the real-life host machine. Along the way the Goji Play Activity Sensor will track metrics and give real-time readouts of workout goals.

In this case, I think the video for Goji Play speaks louder than any words for it could. Which means trying the exercise gaming companion out yourself should rate as a straight-up scream. Yelp. Holla!

Yeah, I have no idea. The only times I've gotten my heart rate above 105 in the last decade is when my friend Cornelius hides outside the bathroom door and yells, "Rrraaahhh!" as I come out.

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