DolfinPack Wearable Water Storage

Posted: January 12, 2015
DolfinPack Extreme Sports Water Storage
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It's a Dolfin rather than a platypus because this water storage backpack for athletes and outdoor adventurers is the first hydration pack made to go underwater. So in addition to supporting the H2O levels of runners, hikers, cyclists, and hunters, the DolfinPack is also a nifty wearable option for surfers, stand up paddleboarders, and kayakers.

Made of neoprene and fitted with a 1L BPA-free hydration bladder, the DolfinPack weighs just 5.6 ounces empty. Its minimalist design ensures a form-hugging fit that won't jostle or catch on equipment/wonders of nature as you move. Whet your whistle at will with the pack's high-flow bite valve and use its on/off toggle to keep your water sealed when not in use.

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