CrossFit Reptile Calf Sleeves

Posted: July 25, 2015
Crossfit Reptile Calf Sleeves

Seems like a lot of dudes dig showing off their CrossFit goose eggs, but if you're not a lot of dudes...or your girlfriend doesn't want you meeting her parents at the family lake house with bludgeoned shins...maybe you would like a pair of Guroo Active's CrossFit Reptile Calf Sleeves.

The leg sheaths were developed to avert shin bruising and gouging during both CrossFit and weightlifting pursuits. "Scaled" fronts help protect against abrasions form barbells, box jumps, and rope climbs. Anterior panels are also padded to cushion exposed shins on contact. On the flip side calf sleeves have a high spandex mesh to provide compression without cutting off circulation or airflow. Stitching is flat lock so there are no raised seams that might press into your skin during wear.

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