Couples' Infrared Sauna

Posted: March 01, 2015
Couples' Infrared Sauna
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I guess it's not technically a sauna for couples, but it is a sauna for 2 people and there's no way in hell I'm sharing such a small, sweaty (but slightly less sweaty than a regular sauna since infrared saunas are absorbed by the skin as radiant heat emitted at lower temperatures), sexy space with my friend Cornelius.

This infrared sauna features 7 carbon fiber heaters position at the back, side, and calf areas of its Canadian hemlock wood housing. Tongue-and-groove construction contributes to the sauna's structural stability, and the absence of added chemicals to the wood contributes to its users' enjoyment of the experience without suffering migraines and nausea.

Suitable for any dynamic duo down with taking a sauna together, this infrared design includes a "tools-free" assembly model and can be easily broken down and transported to other locations when needed. It also includes a sound system consisting of 2 speakers, an amplifier, and a 3.5mm auxiliary plug. Interior lighting comes courtesy of energy-efficient LEDs and controls are all digital, accessible via an interior panel.

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