Chinese Acupressure Massage Rings

Posted: July 24, 2015
Chinese Acupressure Massage Rings
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While a set of slinky rings isn't what I normally think of when someone says "Asian massage" I can see how all the typing, gaming, and touch screening we do today could make a round of finger acupressure just as helpful--if not quite as fun--as a full-body...treatment. Goda's Acupressure Rings consist of a bunch of small, triangular points designed to stimulate the fingers and release tension in the same way acupuncture does, but without the needles and the sticking holes in your skin.

The rings aim to refresh tired fingers, increase blood flow in numb fingers, stimulate energy throughout the whole body, and improve concentration when you feel distracted. Like a voluntary whack from a nun's ruler! This set include 5 massage rings, one each in gold, silver, black, red, and blue.

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