Breathslim - Breathing Weight Loss Device

By: on January 25, 2014
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I feel like Bas Rutten made a similar, but much sexier-looking version (uh, relatively speaking) of this Breathslim weight loss contraption. His O2 trainer gets a lot of impassioned feedback here, both from advocates and BS-callers, and I have a feeling the Breathslim breathing coach and oxygen booster will experience a similar fate.

On the one hand, the Breathslim apparatus looks ridiculous. Like something the infirm folk would be required to use from a hospital bed or nursing home. And telling people they'll lose weight by breathing through a bendy straw for 10 to 20 minutes a day? Why not tell them to turn all the lights off and bark like a dog? A big dog, of course.

On the other hand, Breathslim reviews aren't bad. They aren't in great number, but the 13 logged at printing gave the product an average of 4/5 stars. Most do point out, though, that it's not a wonder tool intended to melt away fat. The Breathslim people themselves also note the primary goal of their device is to train users to breathe properly. From the diaphragm. Pursuant to correct, consistent use, Breathslim's direct benefit is to create resistance and an air pressure increase in the lungs, which can then double the quantity of oxygen flow through the bloodstream. More oxygen in the bloodstream means more oxygen accessing vital organs such as the brain.

The intended effect of this oxygen increase is multi-parted, but in terms of weight loss Breathslim claims it will boost energy, improve metabolism, and curb feelings of hunger generated by a brain that poor breathing habits have long rendered fatigued and malnourished. One reviewer maintains that Breathslim delivers on all of these promises, but adeptly reminds us that it will not do much for people who Hoover up Cheetos and pot pies even when they don't feel hungry.

The resistive expiratory muscle training Breathslim conducts also endeavors to reduce stress, improve sleep, flush toxins, and better blood and lymph circulation. Results of the company's 3-month double-blind study of Breathslim efficacy, along with full reviews, can be found in the link below.

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