Baller Yoga Football Leather Yoga Mats

Posted: September 17, 2016
Baller Yoga Football Leather Yoga Mats
$495 - $1k
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A $1,000 yoga mat. Made of the same 100% pebble-grain leather as a football. Promoting itself as #BallerAF. Cheers, America, for bringing unchecked consumerism and raw aggression to an ancient discipline of simplicity, peace, and well-being!

Needless to say, Baller Yoga Mats are made entirely in the USA from the same Horween Tanned-In-Tack beginnings as the trusty prolate spheroids used in the NFL. The company says they are superior to traditional yoga mats--yes, there's an actual practical feature or two--because 1) they don't stink; and 2) they don't slip.

Using leather instead of chemical-scented synthetic materials means that Baller Yoga Mats "smell great from day one." According to the above video, they also provide a more reliable non-slip surface without the use of sticky socks, microfiber towels, or Nike gloves. I wonder how many of the NFL's wide receivers would agree.

Baller Yoga Mats come in 3 different lengths / widths and Official Red / Black and Natural Sand / Silver colors.

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