Atlas Next Level Fitness Monitor

By: on October 31, 2014
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For Atlas, "next level" in smart wearables means more than tracking heart rates, counting calories, and noting that you have just walked 22 steps when you sit in front of the TV with a plate of fried chicken and shake it really hard. Though Atlas' fitness monitor can indeed do the first of those two things, it has also been designed to evaluate your form and identify the exercises--or "exercises"--you're performing. For example, its creators say Atlas is smart enough to differentiate between pushups and triangle pushups.

Likely this means the wristband is also smart enough to differentiate between moving one leg in front of the other from an upright position and spastically gyrating one's wrist.

So I guess my days of cheating in the Office Fitness Challenge are over.

Whatever, it's not like I cheated to win, only to avoid coming in last.

A wristband more or less aesthetically indistinguishable from other wearable trackers, Atlas focuses on standing out from the inside. Its tech is based on embedded algorithms programmed to learn each user's specific motion patterns and interpret his or her capabilities. Using this collected, plus user-input data, the device endeavors to be as much a fitness coach as a fitness secretary during workouts. Specifically it will:

  • Detect Exercises. An extensive exercise motion database combines with Atlas' advanced machine learning algorithms to identify moves and activities. The Bluetooth module will also consult its database to compare a user's form to the Atlas library of perfect form reference exercises.
  • Count Reps. Once an exercise has been identified, Atlas tracks the number of the reps performed each set. It also tracks rep progress over time in its mobile and web apps (Android and iOS compatible).
  • Continuously Track Heart Rate. An optical heart rate detector built into Atlas monitors this data and cardiovascular zones in real time.
  • Specify How Long to Rest. Using the heart rate monitor, Atlas' Smart Rest Timer will suggest the perfect amount of time to wait between sets based on an individual's current level of exertion.
  • Accept Direct Weight Input. Atlas' touchscreen eliminates the need to whip out a smartphone every set or change in movement pattern to specify new weights. Weight input is easily entered directly from the watch interface.

While the Atlas fitness tracker can record basic functions of steps taken and heart rate throughout the day, it is primarily targeted toward strength training activities and coaching individuals with specific fitness goals. The module itself will be 10 to 11mm thick, 30mm long, and 45mm wide. A one-size wristband will be 26mm wide.

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