Aim - Body Composition & Muscle Analyzer

By: on March 02, 2014
$149 - $199.99
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What is the Skulpt Aim?

The Skulpt Aim analyzes body composition. Unlike a typical stand-up body fat scale, or even the more accurate method of submerging yourself in a tub of water for body fat testing, Aim measures on contact the fat percentage of individual muscles. Separate calculations for the chest, biceps, abs, any major muscle you've got. Great, huh? That means now in addition to feeling bad about myself as a whole, I can also itemize my malaise according to the scientifically-proven flabbiest parts of my body. Of course if my glass were half full, I'd look at it from Skulpt's point of view: the information Aim relays and records serves as a springboard for improvement and a more detailed means of tracking fitness progress.

As your personal scrutinizer and motivator, Aim doesn't stop at body fat percentage. It also measures muscle quality, or MQ. MQ is single number that encapsulates muscle strength, definition, and overall fitness. It's a simple index for gauging muscles' current status, as well as changes in fitness levels. Skulpt says that like the IQ score, the average MQ score is 100. [Note: I would say this is a very generous statement on Skulpt's part.] But unlike IQ (more or less), we can make significant changes to our MQ; it rises as our muscles become leaner and stronger, and decreases when we go to Cabo and wash down many pounds of chips and guacamole with many shots of tequila and Fireball.

How Does the Skulpt Aim Work?

The smartphone-sized Aim unit takes its composition and MQ readings when in contact with a selected muscle. By analyzing thousands of data points in less than a second, it evaluates how electrical current flows through the muscle, and then quantifies fat percentage and muscle quality. It detects changes in muscle fibers, which translates to rising MQ scores as users get stronger, and senses "even the smallest" fat loss in a target area. Aim's readings will often reflect your progress before you see a noticeable difference yourself. Admittedly, that could be a valuable motivator to those who grow frustrated with diets and exercise programs because they can't quantify progress in the mirror or with Size 32 waist jeans as fast as they'd like.

After each round of desired muscle measurements are taken, the Skulpt Aim syncs automatically to a personal online dashboard and develops a timeline of results and progress. Embedded software will also dole out advice on the best workouts for your body and goals.

Buy a Skulpt Aim

Aim packages are available for pre-order at a reduced rate of $149 until May 2014. They include the Aim device, a charger, and a carrying pouch. Follow the link below to the Skulpt Website to sign up for yours.

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